Art & Beads by Floor Kaspers
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Floor Kaspers is a Dutch artist who makes glass sculpture, beadwork and jewelry.
A great source of inspiration for her work are color changes, like the changes of leaves in the fall, or water changing color when you dive deeper. Another source of inspiration are the history and the stories that beads are surrounded with.

Her work is all handmade, often in very time consuming projects. Some of her bigger beadwork pieces contain hundreds of thousands of beads, while some glass sculptures are made with a thousand individually crafted glass pins.

Twenty years ago, Floor started as a sculptor, both in stone and making lost wax bronzes. Ten years ago, she studied goldsmithing and became interested in beads and jewelry. In 2013, she started working in glass, making beads and sculpture.

Many of Floor's work is for sale, and she also works on consignment.

Floor also studies the history of beads, their production methods and how they were traded. You can find this information on

It will show you a database of bead sample cards. When you click on 'News', you can download Floor's books on bead history for free.