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May 29, 2016 When you ask about a person's identity, some simple descriptions are generally given: Name, age, gender, profession, cultural background. These descriptions are intended to make identities easy to understand, and easy to categorize.

But what if we looked at identity in a different way? Who a person truly is, is a mix of moments, memories and experiences. Every person has endless stories which will tell you more about them than their age or their gender.

In this project, I have taken 100 objects, that each tell a story about who I am today. They all represent specific elements of my identity. The objects are encased in a handwoven beaded container. The beads are made from transparant glass. They allow you to see some of who I am, but it does take some effort.

You can see a video of all the objects on Youtube here:

Identities are never simple. People should not be categorized by some simplified definitions. Lives are complicated. People change.

Which 100 objects would show us who you are today?

Identity Floor Kaspers, 2015 Personal items, 250.000 15/0 glass beads

Ring from a toy machine

Encased ring

Glass art, beadwork, jewelry and stories by Floor Kaspers

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