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May 5, 2019

It seems like it is almost a general rule with many artists: set up a nice website, start writing a few blogs, put your latest work on there, and then.........ignore it for the next few years while you post all of your new stuff on Facebook. So, here I am, guilty as charged.
It is interesting to look back at where I stood with my last post here, in 2016. It was my first major beadwork project that I posted, and I had also just started making my small glass sculptures with pins. Both elements of my art have continued to develop along the same lines.

My beadwork has become bigger and stayed very personal. In 2017, I created a calender of small beadwork squares, one matching the mood or events of every single day.The next year, I made a full size blanket, composed of 64 squares of netted handwoven beads.

My glass has also become bigger and bigger. I created a glass lawn on a table with 3000 glass blades of grass. And I started making hollow pods as part of my sculptures.

Even though I can make myself believe (for now) that I will update this website more often, you are more likely to find my latest work on

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