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May 5, 2019
It seems like it is almost a general rule with many artists: set up a nice website, start writing a few blogs, put your latest work on there, and then.....ignore it for the next few years while you post all of your new stuff on Facebook. So, here I am, guilty as charged.
May 29, 2016
In this project, I have taken 100 objects, that each tell a story about who I am today. They all represent specific elements of my identity. The objects are encased in a handwoven beaded container.
Sharing my adventures in beads and glass
May 5, 2016

About 5 years ago, as part of my research on the history of beads, I started learning to do beadwork. A year later, I started learning to make glass beads to understand historical glass techniques better. What started out as research, opened up a new world of making art and jewelry for me. Starting to write about this process, is the next step.

Getting ready for my first Gathering
May 5, 2016

In 10 weeks time, I leave for the ISGB Gathering in New Orleans. Seem like plenty of time, right? Wrong!